Friday, June 20, 2008

Playing at social networking

Whenever you have a new marketing technique a handful of people/companies will commit the necessary time and effort to give it a serious punt. The vast majority will play about, get nowhere and blame the failure on the technique rather than their lack of commitment. I guess that's human nature.

Jupiter Research has published a report (the sort you have to have deep pockets to buy) - Branded Social Networking Pages: Best Practices for Successfully Engaging Users.

It found that 50% of advertiser-branded social networking pages in Europe have fewer than 1,000 friends.

Brands such as Marmite and Nike have got their act together on Facebook. Marmite has 92,054 fans 60,472 fans.

Nestle Rowntree's Smarties branded Facebook page has a grand total of 517 fans since launching in March this year.

I am not suggesting that it is necessarily worth the investment for Nike and Marmite (I have no idea of the payback – something I would think have in common with them) but at least they have a reasonable base of research upon which to make a decision. Dick Stroud

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