Monday, July 14, 2008

Demographics of US broadband users

The headline of the latest Pew Internet report is “Home Broadband 2008: Adoption Stalls for low-income Americans even as many broadband users opt for premium services that give them more speed”. That basically says it all. It is money and education that determines the use of the Internet/Broadband/Web or any other manifestation of online behaviour.

85% of Americans with $100,000 plus income have broadband at home compared with less than a third of those with sub $30,000 income.

If you want to look at the trends in Broadband use by age then here they are. Be careful – if you are targeting affluent 50-plus then you are looking at a broadband usage of well about that indicated by these numbers. I reckon in the 50-64 age group it would be in 75%+. Dick Stroud

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