Monday, July 14, 2008

Sagazone revisited

The last time I had a look at Sagazone was back in April.

Since then I have completed a questionnaire asking for feedback about the site. The ‘thank you’ e-mail listed the things people liked and/or wanted to added:
Interest groups
Space for experts to pass on their knowledge online.
Becoming a focal point for the major issues of today
A 'travel planner' with travel information and news of forthcoming events
A mechanism for trading goods online.
These all seem reasonable requests. Since April the number of registered profiles has increased to 44,000 which means the site is adding a 100+ new profiles a day. I am not sure if that is fast enough to substitute for the rate that profiles become inactive but it is faster than at the begining of the year.

Why the photo? That is what you get when you go to– maybe a bit more of this would help increases the numbers of older gentlemen. Dick Stroud

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