Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fiftyforward – what the hell is this site all about?

I have given up counting or visiting all of the “fifty something” sites that keep sprouting up. This week I encountered yet another that I thought I should visit - .

Now if you cannot work out what a site is about from its home page there is something really wrong. This site baffled me. Since it looked to be well constructed (technically) and had clearly had money spent on its construction I was intrigued to know who owned it and what they thought was its purpose. Next stop the “About this site” page. Then I discovered this. Wow.

Who the hell is Bfi? All was explained after a quick Google Search. I learned from a BBC report that an investigation by the House of Commons raised concerns about Learndirect's finances - and said Ufi's management and marketing costs, which take up nearly 30% of its budget, were "far too high". Damn easy to spend other people’s money. Looks like Ufi is still pursuing its profligate ways. Dick Stroud

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