Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Marketing to Women Is So 2007

I came upon this very amusing and well written item by Yvonne DiVita.I just love this style of in “your face” writing.
If you’re keeping your fingers to the keyboard creating great content to appeal to your women customers, and your are eyeballs stuck to your computer monitor devouring all the advice from marketing to women columnists all over the net – let me give you some advice: STOP! Step back! Drop those hands! Blink your eyes and read on…

The truth is: the whole marketing to women focus is over. That’s right, it’s over. We don’t want you to market to us. We never wanted you to market to us. We endured you, but we never accepted you. In 2009, we aren’t even going to do that.
You will see that Ms DiVita has been, and probably remains, one of these “marketing to women columnists.” It is a bit like me saying that 50-plus marketing is dead (which it is). The sectors ‘50-plus’ and ‘women’ are convenient and necessary shorthand terms but we all know it is much more sophisticated than that.

I think I will be adding Ms DiVita to my RSS feeds list. Dick Stroud

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