Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Senior concessions (discounts) for the 50-plus

In theory the idea of having a place where I can go and get details of the discounts available to me for having survived until my 50th, 60th , 70th year should be a sure fire winner.

The guys at senior discounts have been trying this business model for a year or so and they are now joined by Oscar. This is what it says about itself.
Oscar is dedicated to people over 50. We think that we deserve a better deal. We also believe that we get a rum deal on information about what's on offer and how to get it.
We, at Oscar, are a group of folk who have a vision that over 50s should get a much fairer distribution of the cake. There are 21 million of us in the UK over 50. So we set out to redress the balance.
The big problem with this business concept is that you have to deliver value from the first visit otherwise you have lost the visitor for life.

I went to Oscar to see what deals it had for Health and Food related products. Very little seems to be available in my geographic area. As a normal punter I would be lost for life.

I am not saying it is easy to pump prime the discount inventory but it is essential if this model is to work. Dick Stroud

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