Sunday, July 27, 2008

Packaging dyslexia

It goes without saying that Dove and its pro.age brand is a good thing. Love the ads, admire the guts for its radical product positioning etc etc.

However, from a functionality point of view, they don’t work for me. What I mean, in words of one syllable, is I don’t know the conditioner from the shampoo as I grope around in the shower.

OK, I know I could get glasses to wear in the shower, or increase the lighting, but for heavens sake I am not exactly blind and I cannot read the labeling. It is not surprising when you look at the poor colour contrast of the reversed out text.

Then a member of the Stroud household pointed out that it is easy to tell the difference. The Conditioner opens from the bottom and the Shampoo from the top.

Is this a male thing or just me but I didn’t know that. This packaging masterpiece completely passed me by.

There is a serious point, other than I will no longer smother my balding (bald) pate with conditioner, is that I reckon this packaging stinks. A plea to Dove. For people like me, with packaging dyslexia, please use good old fashioned readable text to say what is inside. Dick Stroud

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