Saturday, August 23, 2008

Reality therapy is painful but useful

Every so often you read some observations, normally based on a research study, that are so obvious that you wonder if you are missing some hidden depth of reasoning. I am sure it must be the same for all marketers that what is blindingly obvious to you is a revelation to those that never think or work in your area of expertise.

I had this experience when reading some research about older Web users (Reclassifying the silver surfer)

This quote illustrates what I mean.

The research suggest that people in their 50s lead very active lives even outside work, with a keen interest in the world around them, compared with older segments where the numbers drop away.
My first reaction is what a pile of ****** - but I guess this was a revelation to the researchers. If you are looking for some factlets about the 50-plus and the Internet then this might be useful. Dick Stroud

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Emma Solomon said...

Hi Dick,

Yes my reaction was the same. They're also just all so predictable/ boring/ blindly obvious these 'revelations' - well actually what's boring etc is that the revelations don't seem to be changing anyone's behaviour.

More than that though, I also think they are taking a very unconsidered approach to the 'silver surfer' terminology debate. So I wrote a reply, which I won't paraphrase here, but if anyone else is interested in the issue ...