Monday, August 25, 2008

Why this daft 55+ age group

OFCOM publishes a mountain of research. All too often it uses idiotic age ranges when reporting the how behaviour changes with ageing.

The chart is taken from a recent OFCOM report about media consumption showing how the 55+ is the only group increasing its time listening to the radio.

You might think that understanding a bit more about how this group divides into finer age ranges would be useful. No way.

The 55+ represent 34% of the UK population aged 15+, yet OFCOM reports four younger sub groups, none of which represent more than 18% of the adult population.

Come on OFCOM get real and start reporting your results so we can get an insight into what is happening with the older market rather than this obsession with reporting the fine granularity of the sub-34 year olds. Dick Stroud

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