Friday, September 12, 2008

A brilliant way of reaching the older market

Very rarely do you see a new marketing concept and think: “that is truly original and would work with an older market”.

This week I discovered ‘Matter’ . This is a Royal Mail service, the result of collaboration with Artomatic.

Matter is a box full of interesting stuff. It is a new way for companies to talk to people by giving them real physical bits and pieces. These might be functional, amusing or interesting things to keep, give away or talk about.
On a Saturday morning the postman comes and gives you this box of engaging items, each from a different brand. This is a photo of a Matter box.
The brilliance of this idea is that you can target the contents of the box to specific markets. Now if the Matter box keeps sending you rubbish then it isn't going to work but if does contain items of value (maybe for the grand kids) then it is a beautiful and inexpensive conduit for brands to reach targeted audiences. Plus, it enables the brand to communicate with the consumer using all of the senses.

I reckon it is great. I am waiting for my first box to arrive. Dick Stroud.


Lara said...

has it arrived yet?? :)

Dick Stroud said...

Afraid not - as soon as it does I will blog about it.

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for mine too!

monica flynn said...

i havent recieved mine yet