Friday, September 12, 2008

The morphing of Focalyst

Maybe this is old news, but it suddenly struck me that Focalyst has changed. More precisely the ownership of Focalyst.

When it was launched it was billed as:

AARP Services, Inc. and The Kantar Group announced today the name of their joint venture dedicated to understanding Boomers and 50+ consumers.
Now the organisation describes itself as a

Millward Brown specialist practice supported by AARP Services Inc.
OK, I know that Kantar and Millward Brown are both WWP companies, but it is the subtle change in the words about AARP's role - “joint venture” to “supported by”. The WPP Web site still lists Focalyst as a joint venture with Kantar. Methinks this results from WPP's inability to keep its Web site content up to date.

Maybe this change explains the brilliant speaker list for the forthcoming Focalyst conference since Millward Brown must have the greatest address book for getting to senior management.

Also, the company is also a lot more active in generating 50-plus content. This is what they have to say about Boomers and ‘giving’.

If anybody know why AARP's role has been diminished do tell.

Look's like WPP has the US 50-plus market to itself. Dick Stroud

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