Saturday, September 13, 2008

Nine (not 8 or 10) Baby Boomer money makers

Forbes has an interesting article (s), some might say an idiots guide, to how to make money from Baby Boomers. If you don’t want to read the text, have a look at this slide show.

Can't wait to know what the 8 money winners are?

1.Nutrition/Weight-Management Consultant
2.Travel Agency
3.Errand Service
4.Financial Adviser
5.Specialty Contractor
6.Beauty Salon/Spa
7.'Cosmeceutical' Retailer
8.Health Club

The article has that “Friday afternoon” feel about it so wouldn’t give it too much credence, despite its well respected publisher. Dick Stroud

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Chuck Nyren said...

Idiot's guide...

I think that's what we should do, Dick - approach the Dummies publisher and pitch "The Dummies Guide to Marketing to Baby Boomers". Why let Forbes and a few others get all the credit?