Monday, October 27, 2008

Are you an age silo or age neutral volunteer

This is a great example of the difference between age silo and age neutral marketing.

Saga has just announced it is providing volunteering holidays for over-50s.

Its Volunteer Travel Project will give people over the age of 50 the chance to work with its charitable arm, the Saga Charitable Trust, in St Lucia in the Caribbean. Volunteers are asked to stump up with £2,200 for a four-week stint working in a school in the capital, Castries. Saga says it was wants to attract volunteers with specialist skills such as music, drama, IT and speech therapy. It has already run projects in Nepal and South Africa. This is a classic age silo product (product designed for older people, marketed to older people).

The UK’s largest supplier of volunteering holidays is i-to-i. and just happens to be one of my clients. They provide volunteering holidays to all ages and have discovered that the fastest growing part of their market is the 50-plus. So here you have a classic age neutral company that suppliers products to all ages but that makes them appealing and relates to the 50-plus mindset.

Neither approach is right or wrong, just very differnet. Both have marketing hurdles to overcome. Do you really want to spend your holiday with your own age cohort? Do you fancy a holiday spent with unwashed yoof?

Saga has really missed a trick taking so long to enter the volunteering market. Dick Stroud

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