Saturday, November 08, 2008

Many Happy Returns 1940s

How the young and old communicate can be difficult. It can become near to impossible when the older person has dementia.

Sarah Reed believes that there are some simple tools that can ease this process. Rather than the child (or parent) sitting with the older person, wondering what the hell to talk about, with somebody with little short term memory and who is isolated from contemporary life, there is now a very simple product that can bridge the generational and mental divide.

Sarah’s new company ManyHappyReturns has created a box set of photos with accompanying stories that will be familiar to the older person and provides young people with the context and questions to stimulate a conversation. It is a blindingly simple product but so often they are they best.

I think it is a great idea and is a product that has evolved from somebody with firsthand experience of bridging the divide to somebody with dementia. I do hope it goes well.

Sarah has a really interesting blog that echoes my of my own ideas - naturally I think it is interesting! Dick Stroud

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