Friday, November 07, 2008

Tourism one day – old people the next.

Tom Wright, who was chief executive of tourism agency VisitBritain, is the man chosen to head up the new charitable group formed from the merger of Age Concern and Help the Aged. He is expected to take up his position early next year, to allow the tourist group time to find a replacement. The experience he gained in merging the British Tourist Authority with the English Tourism Council, to form VisitBritain, should stand him in good stead for the task ahead.

I am very impressed with the people I have recently met from Help the Aged. The Engage Business network they have established looks to be getting some real traction.

It will be fascinating to see how the commercial groups in the charities are fused into a single business.

I have already written about the chairman of the new charity. The combination of the new ceo and chairman will make an impressive team. Dick Stroud

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