Saturday, December 27, 2008

AARP Global Network goes crunch

AARP has a section on its global network site about "the crunch". If you want reassurance that there is somebody somewhere worse off than you then this is site where you will find them.

Some examples

Even France sees recession heading its way
Despite a certain reluctance to believe that France's economic situation is as bad as things are in the rest of the world , the country is now officially heading for recession.Having spent a lot of Christmas Eve, talking to a friend who lives in Paris, it seems that that recession is well and truly there already.

In crunch time, affluent Boomers simplify Too much stuff? Enter “the Simplifier.” The new psychographic, identified by marketing expert John A. Quelch, is a middle-aged affluent looking to downsize during the downturn. This is an important concept that I have already posted about.

Impoverished Italians can use Social Card for groceries, discounts The Italian government has approved the la Social Card, a new program to help citizens over 65 and families in extreme economic need.

And so on and so on. Dick Stroud

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