Saturday, December 27, 2008

Generational generalisations

We live in volatile times. It is reassuring that some things stay constant.

This blog posting titled Boomers Out Cuspers in could as easily been written in 2000 as 2008/9. OK, the names would have changed but the sweeping generalisations would have been the same. You can bet your boots that the instant somebody starts make sweeping statements about tens of millions of people that they have disengaged brain from fingers.

I wont bore you by reproducing too much of the posting but this gives you a feel: “After strutting and tub-thumping and preening their way across the high ground of politics, media, culture and finance for 30 years, Baby Boomers have gone from top dogs to scapegoats in barely a year.”

The blogosphere is full of wierdos and nutters with opinions about all sorts of stuff but this is from somebody who should know better.

If the Xmas holiday is getting too much for you and you want some amusement then read the article in the Examiner that refers to posting. The author of the posting is a Marian Salzman, who is chief marketing officer and a partner at Porter Novelli Worldwide a company that “captures and intelligently influences conversations that matter”. I hope Ms Salzman’s Boomer aged clients appreciate her comments in the light hearted, end of year joking spirit they were intended. Dick Stroud

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