Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The downturn’s new rules for marketers

I really like the stuff that McKinsey publishes. The consultancy has realised that the visual attractiveness of its publications, whilst not as important as the content, is still very important. When I receive one of its reports and I just want to read it. The fact that the content is good and they are well written also help.

This article is on the now popular theme of marketing during recessionary times. You might be able to download it – I am not sure – I have a paid subscription.

It was one of the examples that caught my eye. In 2006 McKinsey asked a bunch of Baby Boomers what categories of products they would cut to reduce spending by 20%. The chart shows how the Boomers responded. Bad news for the clothing – good vibes for the health industry. Dick Stroud

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