Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Silver - a source of knowledge about the Asia Pacific market

Kim Walker has launched a new agency (Silver) providing marketing knowledge about 50-plus consumers in the Asia Pacific market.

Silver’s first phase of services include county reports, a database about the behaviours, attitudes, product consumption and media habits for all of the Asia Pacific markets and access to a concept/issue testing research base of older consumers.

I have been in contact with Kim for most of 2008 whilst he launched the company and at the end of the year met-up with him in Japan. I am certain Silver will make a big contribution to the world of 50-plus marketing. It goes without saying that for UK companies, understanding the dynamics of the Asian Pacific markets is vital.

Along with its business importance I have a real interest in the area and so I was delighted to become a member of Silver’s advisory board.

Like all good 50-plus marketing site, Silver has a blog. The first item is about Expat retirement to Malaysia.

Several Asian governments (particularly Malaysia and Thailand) have schemes designed to attract older people to spend some or all of their retirement (and retirement dollars) in their countries.

As older people, especially in the US and Europe, come to terms with their decimated retirement assets they will look to where in the world they can a better quality of life for their fixed incomes.

One of my friends has already purchased a property in Malaysia and is forever telling me what a great country it is and so inexpensive compared to the UK.

I am certain that one result of the recession will be a reassessment of where older Brits spend their retirement. Right now living in Euroland is nightmare. Sterling has lost over a quarter of its value against the Euro in the past 6 months - what the exchange rate position will be at this time in 2009 is anybody’s guess and I mean anybody.

Kim, welcome to 50-plus marketing land. It will be great to be able to add insights from the Asia Pacific market to our knowledge of the older market. Dick Stroud

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