Monday, January 05, 2009

ELDR Web site

The PR company that promotes ELDR magazine and Web site has been very organised in contacting me with details of articles they think will generate a blog posting. The reason I have not written anything has been because of work pressure rather than anything to do with the articles, all of which have been very good.

I last wrote about ELDR way back in March 2007.

From a quick look around the Web site appears to be very good. Lots and lots of content wrapped-up in an appealing design.

Just one small gripe, following on from my posting about usability. Who is ELDR? If you go to the About Us section all you find are details about the key staff. But who owns ELDR? A bit more work on this section would be worthwhile plus more use of some Web video. It would also be good if the magazine was available in an electronic format (e.g. Zinio). Dick Stroud

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