Monday, January 05, 2009

Nielsen and “About Us” and “Site Maps”

First. If you haven’t signed up for Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox then do it now. It is free and you will read a lot of good stuff that is useful for 50-plus web sites.

For instance you can read about ways to improve the “About Us” part of your web site. Would you believe it (yes) that the ease of finding out what an organisation actually does, from the "About Us" part of the site, has got worse.

What about the use of Site Maps? This is an area where things seem to have improved.

I cannot stress how important that “About Us” section is to older people. If you are not a recognised brand then you must be able to tell a good story of why it is worth spending time on your site.

Nielsen looks at those small things that add together to create a big improvement in web site visitor satisfaction. Well worth your time reading. Dick Stroud

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