Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tom and I see it the same way

There is a lot being published about consumer electronics in the wake of the show in Las Vegas. Any market analyst worth their salt will have a report about the market.

A couple of the gurus have discovered something that I suspect most people reading this blog have known for years. For example:

Increasingly savvy baby boomers--who are 100 million strong in the U.S. and control billions in disposable income--could be the target for tech marketers during the next few years, according to a joint study by TNS Compete and the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). So says MediaPost

According to Forrester Research, U.S. adults 64 and older who bought technology in a recent three-month period spent an average $365 on consumer electronics products and $429 on computer hardware and peripherals. And Forrester points out that Americans 55 to 64 are more active in online finance, shopping and entertainment than those under 55.

This revelation has obviously got under the skin of the great man himself – Tom Peters. This is a quote from his blog
I repeat in this Blog for the Umpteenth Time: The Mother of All Markets for

Approximately Everything for the next quarter-century is the deeply underappreciated, insanely underserved Boomer-Geezer clan of 100 million or so in the U.S. alone. (Then add the Super-silver EU and Super-silver Japan, and the story grows even more important.)

"Silver Summit"?
This market is not about "silver initiatives."
This market is the market—the rest is details.
He is so right. That is just what I have been saying. Cripes, how arrogant. Thanks to Tom Troland for telling me about the Peter’s post. Dick Stroud


Chuck Nyren said...

Reminds me of something from my book:

"I once joked with someone at JWTMMG (J.Walter Thomson Mature Market Group), saying that the name should be changed to the J.Walter Thompson Majority Market Group."

Nick Piercy said...

Tom's been banging on about this for a decade - not a sudden revelation on his part. See his book 'Re-Imagine!' for a whole chapter on it as well as another on marketing to women.