Saturday, February 21, 2009

Employment issues of the 50-plus

I have always seen the employment issues affecting the 50-plus being the mirror image of those of marketing. For a while I toyed with the idea of writing a book on the subject but couldn’t find the extra few hours in the days that were required.

I still keep an interest in the subject since marketing and employment issues are integrally linked.

I have mentioned items of research done by PRIME a few times in this blog but thought it worth a posting of its own.

PRIME provides free information, events and training to help older people get back into work by starting their own business.

It is a charity with a top-drawn pedigree – it was founded by The Prince of Wales (the Prince’s Initiative for Mature Enterprise) and has recently gained a slug of money from Bank of America to help with its activities.

I reckon it is the best source of information about what is going on with employment of the UK’s over-50s. Just have a look at these couple of bits of research and commentary.

The other thing it is worth looking at is the web site’s use of an audio responder. I am amazed how well it works. Dick Stroud

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