Friday, February 20, 2009

Merging age charities appoint new head of marketing

As I have discussed a number of times, the UK’s two age charities are merging. A lot of people would say:“about time.

Would the new head of marketing be an outsider – somebody from Age Concern or from Help the Aged? Now we know. Amanda Ball, currently Help the Aged director of fund-raising and marketing, has been appointed to the position of group marketing director for the new charity.

As you would expect she will report to the new ceo.

She must have a very long “to do list”. We know that it includes:
1. The development of the new brand for the new organisation
2. Devising and implementing an income generation strategy
3. Developing a new offline and online marketing strategy


One thing is for sure. There hasn’t been a time, in the history of either of the charities, when their work will be in more demand than now. I really do wish her the very best of luck. Dick Stroud

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