Thursday, February 26, 2009

Let’s worry about the trival

This is nothing to do with the 50-plus.

I just love this ad from (UK airline). When I had a proper job and ran a marketing department I remember a board meeting at the height of a previous recession and spending time talking about axing the staff canteen subsidy. We didn’t get on to talk about buscuits but I remember we spent an age talking about reducing the cost of having the office windows cleaned (it was a very big office). Of course this was a total distraction from the real problem. A few weeks later we had to make the real decisions and axe half the marketing group.

I wonder how many pointless meetings have taken place about reducing spend and just put off the evil day when the real cost cutting measures have to be made. Dick Stroud

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Greg Jensen said...

Oh, believe it is very normal to have thousands of meeting without really solving anything so useful. I believe, it is something like process of communication, interaction and decision making development.