Monday, March 02, 2009

Forrester it isn’t the 1st April yet

I am astonished. No, I am flabbergasted.

The mighty Forrester Research has just published a 4 page report, for the give-away price of $749, which is advertised with the following quote.
Baby Boomers aren't technology Luddites; in fact, more than 60% of them consume socially created content. You'll also find Boomers leaving their opinions on Web sites and even joining social networks. Yet this group isn't as active as younger generations, so to reach Boomers, start with sponsoring or creating social content since they're not as willing to create blogs, videos, or audio. We also recommend allowing Boomers to share their opinions with others by enabling comments, ratings, and rankings on Web sites.
Wow, its good to see that Forrester is still at the cutting edge and discovering that Boomers might actually know how to turn on a computer.

Any sap that, in these recessionary times, thinks it is worth spending $749 of their company’s fast disappearing cash reserves to purchase such drivel should be fired – or as Starbucks said in a recent note announcing its decision to “aggressively re-architect our cost structure” be “separated from the company”.

You will get much better insight about Boomers and social media by looking at this blog (thanks Emma for the reference) and the Pew Internet site. Dick Stroud

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