Monday, February 16, 2009

Life after 40

This collection of photos is a perfect example of articles I call: “There is life in the old dog yet”.

There is a hint of surprise and wonderment having discovered that life doesn’t stop at the age of 40, let alone 50. Not much text and 12 photos for your collection.
These stylish seniors and bangin’ boomers prove that fierce fashion sense doesn’t disappear after your 40s. From runway shows that feature senior citizens to sizzling print campaigns that place boomers in the spots traditionally occupied by top models, it’s clear that the fashion world hasn’t totally forgotten about the sons and daughters of the Greatest Generation.
Just love that jacket. Dick Stroud


Sherrie Mathieson said...

I blogged about these somber looking dudes ("seniors") modeling
but my review was a definite "thumbs down".My problem wasn't with their age but the combination of bad styles worn by guys who need style "fortification"--they simply don't look good in "just anything".
These fashions did nothing for the men--and in turn--the men did nothing for the clothes.
Sherrie (

Sue said...

The guy with the colourful jacket does look cool, though! Some of the others were questionable.