Friday, July 17, 2009

A 30 minute presentation about the 50-plus and digital

Yesterday I gave a 30 minute presentation to the marketing seminar that preceded the Retirement Show in London.

These are the three subjects I spoke about:

1. Age and Internet use. What do we know – what assumptions do we make – is age a proxy for Internet use?

2. Where do they (the 50-plus) go –what do they do? Lots of marketers reckon that there is some mystical place where the 50-plus hang-out online and if only they could find where it is they would be able to ‘engage’ them. It aint that simple.

3. So What? After you have heard my pearls of wisdom what should you do? If I am lucky, one of the points from presentation will have stuck in the audience’s head. I gave them five actions to select from. Dick Stroud

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