Saturday, July 18, 2009

Age ghetto social networking sites don’t work

Earlier this month I wrote that TeeBeeDee had turned up its toes and was no longer. It had followed in the footsteps of the famous Norwegian Blue Parrot.

If you don’t know what I am talking about put it down to one of the formative experiences of living during the era of Monty Python.

Chuck Nyren also covered the subject and forcefully rammed home the point that age ghetto social networking sites are at best a cottage industry at worst a way to burn a lot of filthy lucre.

Chuck’s post also includes a fascinating set of comments from TeeBeeDee’s ceo in the WSJ.

Anybody thinking of making their fortune out of capturing the 50plus/Boomer £/$ by building a social networking site please read this stuff. Dick Stroud


Chris Gosling said...

Really interesting. I guess that what comes through is the the business aspect of this - ie viewing this kind of site as an investment - doesn't work.
Maybe viewing it as a purely socially engaging adjunct to another medium (ie the TV show) will work.

Dick Stroud said...

Chris - I am sure that as supporting functionality to another service it can, and probably will. have value. In this case the factor that the individuals have in common is their interest in the TV show not just their age.