Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Age specific social networking is high risk stuff

Back in July 2007 I wrote about a social networking site called that was: “founded to provide a voice for the wisdom of our crowd – those of us who have learned from our life experiences and want to keep on growing at midlife.”

Anybody who has read my blog will know that I am highly sceptical of social networking that relies on the person’s age as the primary reason to get and retain their attention.

In a note to members, the founder said that the company had lacked the resources to continue developing the site: “Our business opportunity proved disappointing.” The site had raised more than $9 million but had only 70,000 unique visitors last month. Instead, they were quite content with using Facebook, which has seen its fastest growth in users over 55.

The article concludes that: “Baby boomers apparently did not want to be categorized away by their age.” Sad but inevitable. Here is the Reuter's note about the business. Dick Stroud

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