Friday, July 10, 2009

Ageshift - interesting style of document

This is an interesting publication.

Forster describes itself as the: “UK’s leading social change communications consultancy.” I have bumped into them over the past few years and know that they have an interest in the older market.

This document is part promotional part educational (a collection of bits and pieces about older people). It is pretty good.

A couple of gripes I have the document. Firstly, it republishes, in an uncritical way, research about climate change and older people (Greening the Greys).

When this research was first published I wrote about the far from rigorous methodology that was used to derive the data. It is a pity to see the reports conclusions republished as if they are facts.

Secondly, there is not enough consideration about the heterogeneous nature of the older age group.

Other than that it is a good document and well worth a read. I really like the design, although I not sure about the cover photo, but it certainly got my attention. Dick Stroud

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