Friday, July 31, 2009

How the average 50-year-old is healthier than someone half their age

I am always suspicious of PR generating ‘research’.

According to this article, Herbalife concluded that your ‘average’ 50-plus is in good shape, compared to their kids.

I wouldn’t use the results, other than to make a point, but I think there is a difference (not sure how big) between age groups in their attitude to healthiness.

Is this a lifestage or cohort effect? I think you can safely say it is cohort with a tad of lifestage.

Kids always think they will be immortal and today’s 50-plus are subject to a pile more ‘healthiness’ messages and services than their parents.

Wellness and the 50-plus, well some sectors of the 50-plus, is and will remain big business for years to come. Dick Stroud

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