Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Kindle is a great product for the older consumer

The Aging in Place Technology Watch blog has an interesting post about Amazon’s Kindle.

It quotes the CNET research that found that that 50% of the people usign Kindles are 50-plus and 27% were 60+. This was not the most scientific of surveys but it made me think.

Who would want a light product that could hold numerous books at a font size that was suitable to reader and with an illumination that is user controlled and will next have the ability to convert the text to sound? I wonder. I wonder who that would appeal to?

Unfortunately it looks like us Brits will have to wait until Xmas to get our hands on the device. Dick Stroud


Chuck Nyren said...

I played with one - not the new one, however. I'd wait a few more Christmases before asking Santa for one. No surprise that they'll be new models every year.

My take on the Kindle:

Mike from Drop Ship said...

I feel that this gadget could appeal to the older population. With every passing year, the older models are bound to get obsolete.