Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New York creative agency having a crack at the US 50-plus.

The new agency (Agencyfive0) has got off to a flying start with this article in Forbes, by one of the founders.

This is what Five-0 says about itself
At Five-0, we’ve spent the last year studying, researching and conversing with consumers age 50 to 70 across America. We’ve met with experts and authors on their habits. We’ve interviewed researchers and statisticians about their trends. We’ve heard their opinions about advertising and marketing in segments from packaged goods to automobiles to erectile dysfunction.

What have we learned?

We’ve learned that today’s 50+ consumer (the boomer) is changing everything about aging and marketing. From what they buy to where they buy to why they buy etc etc.
As always, it is great to see new agencies and consultancies entering the 50-plus space. I like the web site and style. A few gripes. Pity about the Intro screen. Also, the name is a tad confusing – is it five0, five-0, agencyfive0. But, these are minor things. Dick Stroud

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