Friday, August 21, 2009

Woodstock and all of that

For ages, no presentation about the 50-plus/boomers was complete without a photo of Woodstock and the implication that by understanding this zeitgeist and the associated emotions and behaviours enabled you to successfully market to these people, 40 years on.

I always thought that was a lot of nonsense.

It has been interesting reading the press coverage of the 40th anniversary and the readers comment this has generated. As you would expect there is no single view about Woodstock and its significance, other than the boomer generation has grown misty eyes reminiscing about an event they are unlikely to have attended and only know about via the filter of an equally misty eyed media.

I liked this article, from the Australian press. Have a look at the reader’s comments.

Woodstock, been there done that – let’s move on. Dick Stroud

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