Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Where marketing and employment meet

We know the population is ageing – no doubt – no debate.
We know that older people are going to have to work longer because of the recession – no doubt – no debate.

We know that the opportunities for employment are thin on the ground when you hit the big 50 (now it probably the big 40) – not much doubt – little debate.

So, if we know all of this stuff why are not more companies looking to sell products and services to older people looking to start their own business? Beats me.

The US has realised this market opportunity and you are now seeing lots of Web sites catering for this audience. This is the mission of WhatsNext.com - to provide information, inspiration and resources for men and women who want to change careers, find more fulfilling work or improve their work-life balance. All are welcome, but there will be an emphasis on those who are in mid-career or approaching retirement.
Chuck Nyren has written some good content about the company. Last week I was talking at a conference in Switzerland with Mark Miller, the Editorial Director. He is a good guy, so you can be sure the content will be excellent. Let’s hope we see these types of ventures in the UK. Dick Stroud

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