Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Internet use and the 50-plus

The Oxford Internet Survey, part of the University of Oxford, has undertaken a survey of 2,013 people, 916 who were 50+. The results have been analysed by Mature Times who has concluded:

Only 51.5% of the 50+ have access to the Internet, compared to 81.7% amongst 25-49 year olds, and only 45.1% use computers (compared to 81.2%).

The older the respondent, the less likely he/she is to use the Internet and there is a significant drop of user rates at the end of 50s, and another drop at the end of 60s. In the age group 50-54 years, 73.4% are Internet users, but only 19.7% in the age group 75+ are.

Income is a significant factor as the lower the socio economic group, the less likely it is that a person will own a computer – and many of those living on a pension are in the lowest income groups. In the 50+ group, only 17.2% of lowest income group are Internet users; however, they make up 36% of the population in that age group.

The complete report can be downloaded (free) from here. Dick Stroud

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