Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The gripes and groans of Age Concern / Help the Aged reorganisation

Having lived through a couple of mergers I am not in the least surprised to read that a couple of the local Age Concern charities are having doubts about joining the soon to be merged Age Concern and Help the Aged.

One member of a local Age Concern groups said he wasn’t clear whether Age UK was more interested in selling products or becoming "a charity dedicated to helping vulnerable older people. Age UK seems to be worrying more about Pantone colours and font size than about its basic aims and purpose."

I know absolutely nothing about what is happening in the charity with regard to its merger and how its relationships to the local organisations. All I do know is that it you have to have saintly qualities not to upset some of the people during the time of major organisational upheaval.

Maybe the centre hasn’t been as good as it should at communicating its messages – maybe the regional organisations are being intransigent to any form of change. I suspect a bit of both.

I wish the whole organisation well, heavens knows we need the services it provides. My only word of advice is that the process appears to be taking forever. Something I know for a fact - the longer it goes on the more people gripe (with reason or not). My advice would be to get a move on. Dick Stroud

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