Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The new Post Office TV ad

I week or so ago I wrote about the forthcoming Post Office ad campaign.

Well it is now being shown on the TV. Full marks to the Post Office for having a YouTube channel.

My first reaction was Ahhhhhh. But on a second and third watching I can see what the agency is trying to do and in a funny way I think it works.

I will be fascinated to know how the ad translates through into new business for the Post Office because I think it is aimed at the wrong type of people.

As I said in my previous posting, the target for this ad is ABC1 socio economic groups. They aint going to be the people who want to be queuing in the Post Office, especially in urban areas. Maybe it will work in rural areas, but I doubt it.

What do you think? Dick Stroud

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Grumpy of WT said...

Except in rural areas, it's soddin' difficult to find post office now!