Saturday, October 31, 2009

A SAGA about Web site usability

Web designers often complain that conforming to the rules of usability constrains their ability to be ‘creative’. Most marketers would probably agree.

As a result, companies persist in using Web sites that could be far friendlier to their users and more efficient in communicating with prospective customers. In today’ s trouble times, alienating potential customers is not an option.

Abiding by the fundamentals tenets of usability means users of all ages have an improved Web browsing experience. But, it is older consumers who are the big winners. When older people complain how difficult it is to navigate a Web site it invariably results from one (or more) usability mistakes.

What better Web site to use to illustrate a white paper about usability than that of Saga, a company dedicated to older people and who you would think would be top of the usability class. Dick Stroud

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Chris said...

Excellent article, Dick - the baby and viewpoint item makes a particularly interesting point that I wasn't aware of before.