Monday, November 02, 2009

What, more importantly, Who is a Homepreneur?

Homepreneurs are small business owners running viable enterprises from their home that provides at least 50% of their household income by selling products and services not just locally, but nationally and, often, around the globe.
In the US there are 6.6 million such businesses that employ over 13 million people. 35% of homepreneur businesses generate more than $125,000 in revenue; 8% more than $500,000. These are not pocket money outfits!

What interests me is the demographic profile of this group, according to a research study:
  • 69% male
  • 52% were over 55 or older and only 6% were less than 35.
  • 46% of homepreneurs completing college.

This looks to me like a distinct market, somewhere between a mini-SME and a consumer, that is predominantly 50-plus, that companies should be addressing. You can download a report that gives more info about this group or read about them in Business Week. Dick Stroud

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