Monday, December 07, 2009

Another agency working in the 50-plus space

It is always good to see new marketing companies entering the 50-plus space. Last week I was contacted by Mark Beasley, a guy I met ages ago, who told me about a new agency he and his colleagues has launched.

This is what it says about itself:
rhc advantage is a creative agency that specialises in planning, creating and managing integrated marketing communications for older audiences. The partners have the insight, experience and expertise to provide our clients with creative and effective solutions to the marketing challenges of an ageing UK population.
From looking at the web site it seems that rhc advantage covers most areas of marketing. I wish them well. Dick Stroud

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Mark Beasley said...

Thnaks for mentioning us, Dick. Yes, we met some years back when I was researching the subject of marketing and older people, as part of my MBA. Since then, it's become less academic and more of a 'cause'. Thanks for continuing to blaze a trail!