Sunday, December 06, 2009

ContinuumCrew Webinar

Lori Bitter is the President/CEO at ContinuumCrew, an agency that was born from the closure of JWT BOOM. Prior to running JWT’s specialist agency, she was in charge of client services at Age Wave Impact. As you can see, Lori knows a thing or two about marketing to older consumers. If you visit her blog you can download a Webinar that was presented last week as part of IMMN’s series of marketing events.

It is a while since I visited IMMN’s Web site and was amused to see that it has adopted aquatic imagery. Anybody who regularly reads this blog will know I am fascinated why organisations involed with older people are obsessed with water and it looks like IMMN is no exception.

I digress from the main point of this posting. Lori’s Webinar contains some terrific research. There are so many interesting themes that it far best if you read the results yourself. One item that stood out for me was how the multiple sources of stress vary by age. Look how high the fear of “losing my job” is for all but the oldest age group.

Well done ContinuumCrew in adding to our understanding of the American older person. Dick Stroud

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Chuck Nyren said...

You probably know this: a mutual friend is writing new copy for the IMMN web site. When he told me in an email, I answered, "Make sure they put up new graphics, too."