Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fitness for the 60+

As the volume of incoming e-mails reduces I am finding the opportunity to delve into the bottom reaches of my Outlook inbox that I haven’t seen for ages.

A long time ago I was contacted by the publicist for Carole Carson with details of her list fitness trends for 2010. Until I visited Carole’s web site I hadn’t realised that her focus is on older people.

I really liked the Web site. It is simple and easy to use.

No doubt there are, or soon will be, a lot of the 50-plus thinking that the New Year is a time they must: “get a grip on their weight."

Fitness will increasingly be a big issue for older people, which means lot of opportunities for smart marketers. Dick Stroud

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Carole Carson said...

Thanks for the support of my efforts to promote fitness. Had I not made changes, I would not be alive today; hence, my passion for encouraging others to get fit. In spring 2010, in partnership with AARP, we are re-launching a two-month Fat 2 Fit Weight Community Weight-Loss Challenge. The Challenge is free, all ages are welcome and membership in AARP is not required. Indeed, we have members participating from around the world--from Mongolia to Jordan. I mentioned it here because losing weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle is probably on the New Year's resolution list of more than a few people. Readers can learn more at