Friday, December 18, 2009

Marketing and selling technology for ageing in place

Laurie Orlov’s excellent blog contains an interesting item about: “Marketing and Selling Technology for Aging in Place.

There is no doubt about it; this lady is making the ageing in place technology area her own domain. Good stuff.

I am not going to try and summarise this post since it contains a lot of detailed stuff. If you are interested in the ageing in place world then you should read it – if not, then I am sure you have lots of other things to be doing. Dick Stroud


GeriCareFinder said...

It is interesting to see what tech sites should offer. Especially, the Free Trial option. This is a good idea for any company offering a product!

Steve McComish said...

I'm surprised more bloggers aren't tackling this stuff head on. Good to see someone is doing it.

Drop Shipping said...

This is a unique topic to blog about. Mingling seniors and technology requires a lot of survey and insight.