Thursday, December 17, 2009

Not many mags have a readership of 35.7 million

The readership of AARP's magazine has grown in readership for the past 6 years and joins People, Good Housekeeping and Sports Illustrated as one of only four major mags to achieve growth in readership vs. Spring 2009. As magazines drop like flies this is pretty good going.

For the record, Saga’s readership is just over a million. I doesn’t take an intellectual giant to see that AARP’s penetration of its target audience, is an order of magnitude greater than that of Saga.

The organisation’s online property also experienced tremendous growth, gaining more than 1 million Internet users.

I reckon the Xmas party at AARP will be a lot happier than in a lot of other publications. Dick Stroud


Ron said...

That is fantastic! AARP offers a lot of information about senior lifestyles, living, politics, and necessities for being an older american!

Chuck Nyren said...

AARP Mag does have millions of readers - but I doubt if there are 35.7 million.

This is a magazine that is sent to all members for free. No paid subscription required.

Members who receive it do not necessarily read it. For many it's simply junk mail. If you ask a good chunk of members, the only reason they joined AARP was for the discounts when you flash the card.

I wouldn't put it in the same category as People, Good Housekeeping, and SI.

AARP mag and the AARP web sites are influential and popular. But don't believe the numbers.