Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Warm up before sitting in front of the TV

I am receiving more and more press releases that are related to the 50-plus in the hope I will write about them. Sometimes they are fascinating, sometimes dull and sometimes they just capture my imagination. This one plopped into my inbox this morning.

Here is a direct quote from the release.

More People Between 35-55 Experiencing Joint Pain From Video Games

34.7% Increase in Flexcin Arthritis Supplement Due To Popularity of Today’s Interactive Video Games

Flexcin International, Inc., a natural supplement company reports a rise in the number of older people using its arthritis relief supplements because of increased video game use. Approximately 16.8 percent of its customers are under the age of 30, but the company has noticed a growing trend of older people seeking joint pain treatment after playing video games and electronic gadgets.
That’s amazing. Heavens knows if it is true but I do know that my chiropractor tells me that he is now getting a steady stream of people with aches and pains having had a workout on a Nintendo Wii. Full marks to Flexcin for thinking outside the box with this story. Dick Stroud

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Ron said...

As we all know, when we do something too often, it can become a bad thing. But, associating video game usage to aches and pains is not common. Those with arthritis can suffer joint pain from a lot of daily activities, and if playing games is causing pain and suffering, it would be recommended to avoid using it. However, the active games, such as Wii games, may offer physical activity that is needed for strength and movement in older individuals.