Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Who reads, listens and watches what?

I started to read the press release from Deloitte’s research “State of the media democracy” and nearly lost the will to live. I went to Deloitte’s web site to look for more details. No luck there.
Fortunately Chuck Nyren persevered and wrote a good blog posting about the research.

The next e-mail I read was from Bain and detailed their research Building Brands Online: An Interactive Advertising Action Plan. If this is your bag then this is an excellent report and well promoted. Deloitte’s you could learn a lot of lessons from Bain. Dick Stroud


Anonymous said...

Dick, I do enjoy your website when I have chance to visit, and your dedication is admirable. But the blogs (and the statistics contained therein) are rather USA-centric. Is there no valuable research coming from the UK? I know the names of at least a couple of advertising/marketing agencies who claim to be gurus of understanding the 'grey market', surely they should be regularly churning out facts and figures, and be a rich source of information for you?

DickStroud said...

I wish there were more stats about the UK, or other European countries. Believe me, I always publish such data. In most cases, like data about Internet use, the differences between the UK and US are small. Certainly, the trends are very similiar. I have good contacts with the UK's specialist 50-plus agencies and normally get sent any research they produce. Dick

Mark Beasley said...

Anonymous - we have just produced a report which draws upon the research data and literature relating to the UK and 'older audiences'. For a free copy, go to

Dick may be right that the differences between the UK and US are small. However, while they may be small, they are also many, and apply across most significant variables. This makes such research interesting, but not necessarily relevant. Look at all the stuff about 'boomers' for example.

Iain Keir said...

Dear Mr Beasley (and indeed Dick)

Thank you for your replies. Mark, I have visited your website and wish you well with your venture. As a marketing professional myself (media planning, specifically) who has in the past worked at a 'grey market' specialist (Millennium), I am interested to see your research, and look forward to receiving it.