Friday, January 22, 2010

The cost of long term care something we would prefer to forget

You cannot blame Jo and Jolene public for putting their head in the sand and ignoring how the hell they will pay for their long term care. The Government has been doing it for the past few decades so why should its citizens be any different?

This item is from an online Independent Financial Adviser publication and spells the problems and the opportunities to the Finance Industry.

The marketing issues that have to be overcome are considerable. Most people reckon they have paid enough tax over their lifetime and hence the state should pay for their care. Most people don’t want to plan, 5 years into the future, let alone 50 years. Forgoing life’s pleasures today, for a better standard of care home, is not something to excite your average consumer.

Other than these factors it is a pretty straightforward marketing challenge. Dick Stroud

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