Thursday, February 11, 2010

A "little something" for when I die

Many of my parent’s generation had insurance policies so that when they died their children wouldn’t have to pay for their funeral. It was just the way it was.

Being concerned about the "final day in the ground" comes way down my list of financial priorities, but as I know so well, you cannot extrapolate the desires of the market from your own opinions.

Clearly, there are a lot of people, like my mum and dad, otherwise LV= (the worst corporate name in history) the finance group wouldn't be launching this TV advertising campaign to promote its '50 Plus plan'.

As I watch the ad I wonder who it is aimed at. Is it the children, to try and get them to encourage their parents to take out a policy or the parents themselves? A bit of both I guess.

The Creative Director of the advertising agency said: "It's a new approach that takes the tried and tested formula we know customers like and uses it in a dynamic and emotive way". A splash of guilt and a dash of the promise of fond memories all packaged in a suitable multi-cultural ad.

Apparently the advertisement was previewed on Facebook and YouTube in December 2009 before being launched on terrestrial, satellite and cable channels in January 2010. Interesting. Dick Stroud


Dropship said...

Taking care of one's requirements before the death is the ultimate thing to do. Not to burden our next of kin.

Promotional Products said...

Great video thanks for sharing. This is something we all must face, but it sure is hard to look in the eye.